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Experience the thrill of the racetrack with our Friction Powered Super Racing Cars! These flashy vehicles come equipped with lights and sounds for an immersive racing adventure.


Product Details:

  • Product Name: Friction Powered Super Racing Cars with Light and Sound
  • Features: Friction-powered mechanism, flashing lights, and realistic racing sounds for an engaging playtime experience.
  • Colors: Available in sleek silver, vibrant red, and bold blue with racing decals for a true Formula 1 aesthetic.
  • Packaging: Each car comes in a clear, sturdy package showcasing the vehicle and its features, perfect for gifting to young racing enthusiasts.



  • 3 Racing Cars: Each in a different color, complete with sponsor decals and racing numbers to mimic professional racing vehicles.
  • Interactive Elements: The friction power allows the cars to move forward swiftly, while the lights and sounds add excitement and bring the cars to life.


Kids will be delighted by the detailed design and interactive features of these racing cars, making them a hit for playtime races or as part of a car enthusiast’s collection.


Company Code: 9880007040084

Item No: FA63

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Dimensions 27 × 11 × 8.5 cm


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