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  • Creative Design: The packaging is vibrant and likely to attract the attention of young children with its angel theme and illustrations of beauty products.
  • Fun Assortment: The variety of play makeup products allows for engaging pretend play.
  • Child-Friendly: Products are designed to be safe for children, with large pieces that reduce choking hazards.
  • Educational Value: Helps with the development of fine motor skills and encourages creativity and self-expression.
  • Compact Size: The dimensions make it convenient for storage and for children to handle.

Toys like this are popular among young children who like to mimic adults and engage in pretend play, which is a critical part of development. It’s great for playdates, parties, or as a gift for young children who aspire to ‘beauty girl’ status through imaginative play.


Company Code: 9880003470045

Item No. 686-X1B

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Dimensions 19.2 × 3 × 32 cm


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