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Dive into a world of whimsical play with the Animal Fishing Set, a charming twist on the traditional magnetic fishing game that’s been a favorite for generations. This engaging toy set is designed to delight children and encourage interactive play.


Product Details:

  • Name: Animal Fishing Set
  • Variants: Comes in three adorable animal designs – a bright yellow kitty, a playful green frog, and a cute black and white panda, each with a friendly face sure to appeal to kids.
  • Contents: Each set includes a circular fishing pond, colorful fish with magnetic noses, and fishing rods designed for small hands to grasp and maneuver.
  • Music and Lights: This interactive game features entertaining music and flashing lights to captivate the senses and enhance the fishing experience.
  • Educational Benefits: Aims to improve concentration, fine motor skills, and color recognition as kids use the fishing rods to catch the magnetic fish that “swim” around the pond.
  • Age Group: Suitable for children aged 3 years and up, making it an ideal game for preschoolers to enjoy.
  • Packaging: Securely packaged and brightly decorated, highlighting the fun and educational aspects of the game, perfect for gift-giving or as an addition to any toy collection.
  • Safety Certified: The toy set adheres to strict safety standards, ensuring that all materials and design elements are safe and appropriate for young children.


With its blend of fun and learning, the Animal Fishing Set is not just a game but an adventure in skill-building and imaginative play, perfect for family game nights or solo play.


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Dimensions 25.8 × 5 × 32 cm


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