11.5″ DOLL SET

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Step into a world of glamour and style with the Fashion Girl Doll Set! This enchanting set is the perfect gift for children who love to play dress-up and dream up their own fashion stories.

Product Details:

  • Name: Fashion Girl Doll Set
  • Set Contents:
    • 1 Elegant Fashion Doll dressed in a stunning blue ball gown.
    • Assorted Fashionable Outfits for mix and match fun.
    • Fashion Accessories including shoes, handbags, and hangers.
    • 2 Baby Dolls, each with their own vehicles – one bicycle and one scooter.
    • Decorative items like heart-shaped balloons.



  • Versatile Wardrobe: A variety of colorful outfits to stimulate the imagination and allow for endless styling possibilities.
  • Interactive Play: Vehicles for the baby dolls add a dynamic element to playtime, encouraging storytelling and active play.
  • Complete Set: Everything needed for the ultimate fashion play experience is included, from the main doll to the tiniest accessory.
  • Themed Packaging: The set comes in a beautifully designed box, making it a visually appealing present for any occasion.

Encourage your child’s creativity and sense of style with the Fashion Girl Doll Set, where they can explore the exciting world of fashion and storytelling play!

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Item No. 860A1

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Dimensions 62 × 6 × 34 cm


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